Age: 25
Height: 5’8
Poids: 175 lbs
Measurements: 50″ (shoulders)- 32″ (waist)
Hair: Dirty Blond
Eyes: Blue-Green
Background: French Canadian-Australian
Languages: English- French (fluent)
Status: A couple with Lilly


Receives Women, Couples, 4 Hands, Fetishes (nude reverse, wet &b wild, erotic show, exotic dance, role play)

If there’s something I like, it’s that women feel like Queens. I think that you are all unique, perfectly imperfect my Goddesses. I see the beauty and the woman that you are, you will feel it by the connection that will be created between us. I will make you love yourself from the bottom of your soul, every inch of your body, the beauty that you are.

Let’s leave the stress into my hands, my body… my company. You will feel relieved, lighter… your stress and everyday life tensions will dissipate throughout our adventure.

I guaranty you that you will appreciate and discover a treasure that is your body in a way that you would’ve never believed… that you will be completely appeased by our encounter.


Available by appointment only