Adult Massages Montreal

If you are interested in experiencing the most sensual, erotic massage available in this city, you’ll appreciate our array of soothing tantric massage services.

Perhaps you long for a gentle touch, or the most sensual body to body massage experience, maybe you would like to live out a hidden fantasy or indulge in a private fetish.

Dedicated to offering a sumptuous range of refined services exceeding even the most demanding of expectations, SECRET SPA stands at the pinnacle of sensual luxury with an unwavering commitment to quality, an obsession for perfection, meticulous attention to detail and relentless pursuit for innovation.

Montreal is the perfect setting to enjoy the Secret experience. Our divine massage services are so memorable because of the unique way in which the masseuse effortlessly blends influences from ancient tantric arts with the exclusive Secret innovative spirit to create something new.

With subtle lighting, the finest blend of massage oils and your personal choice of music, this Secret journey will leave you feeling utterly relaxed, yet rejuvenated and re-energized too.

Adult massages and erotic SPA services - Montreal

The NOMAD Extreme Luxury Massage Table
Especially designed for health-care professionals, this 32inch wide and 6 feet long sturdy and stable luxury massage table will give ease to all body types. Its visco elastic padding, with a memory foam finish that moulds beautifully to your body for comfort beyond compare will provide you with the upmost well-being while you enjoy your unforgettable moment with our SECRET Ladies…


Biotone Clear Result Massage Oil
Key Ingredients
Contains Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Unscented Effortless workability with superior glide. Clear Results’ light, silky and unscented formula washes out easily from fabrics, leaving your sheets and towels looking their best. In fact, recent comparison studies show Clear Results washed out more clearly and completely than any other oil tested.

We invite you to come and experience our unique Hydropool hot tubs available in each private room. The comfortable seating is engineered to mold to your entire body with plenty of therapeutic jets for an optimal full body relaxation. Enjoy our charming hostesses company while you feel the stress and tension seep out of your body as you sit back, stretch out, and let the combination of warm water, pulsating jets, and the natural buoyancy of the water do its magic.

Did you know…the design of the spa seating and the strategically placed jets create a continuous flow of water pushing all floating debris towards the high flow skimmer, boosting the efficiency of its self-cleaning system. Our spas Self-Cleaning technology not only cleans across the surface of the water but also cleans across the floor allowing water care products to circulate more effectively, cleaning 100% of the water every 15 minutes. Whether you’re seeking a stag night event, a party of three or a romantic one-on-one, let our Spas transport you to the best times of your life.

If you’re tired of dining alone, and crave some engaging conversation or stimulating company, why not invite one of our fun and friendly hostesses to join you in fulfilling all your flirty fantasies by taking your SECRET experience to another level of indulgence in the luxury of a dinner date. Delectable food and untamed conversation will captivate you whether you seek the company of a flirty and playful companion or a sophisticated and well-spoken confident hostess… because after all, at SECRET SPA sexiness is an attitude. Our exceptional young  pride themselves on their ability to provoke intellectual discourse, tempestuous titillation and sensuous stimulation.

Our SECRET Valet will place your order at any restaurant of your choice and deliver it to our SPA. We will set a candle lit elegant table in our Castiglione Suite where you may enjoy a dinner date with the hostess of your choice. Delight yourself with the perfect dinner date followed by a sensual massage for desert. Your favorite meal and beverages as well as the mood and the music carefully selected to your desire. Whether you prefer to savour your exquisite dish on a candle lit table by the spa or devour your sushi on the curvaceous body of your beautiful sexy date…an evening to remember… Paradise awaits you.

Organize your bachelor party in the hottest and most erotic SPA in Montreal. Enjoy a stag night like no other. Let our specialized services, sexy massages and erotic shows awaken all your senses. Our charming hostesses’ only goal is to distract and mesmerize you. Whether you are having a bachelor party or a guy’s night out, we can take care of all the details to ensure every moment you spend in our SPA is unforgettable. All you need to do is give us a call, then relax and enjoy a exceptional night in senses paradise.

If you wish to get the party started here or swing by afterwards for a special late night rendez-vous, SECRET SPA invites you on your Stag Night to come and enjoy an unforgettable evening accompanied by our stunning ladies. Erotic massage is a subtle, sensual and exciting stag weekend activity in Montreal that allows you to experience something unique and memorable. Why not bring your closest friends and join us at SECRET SPA on your special night, whether it’s for a pre-party warm-up, an after-party cool down or if you simply wish to spend your entire evening being pampered like never before through our array of services offered by our seductive beauties.

Abandon yourself to your senses as your eyes feast on the most sensual live exotic dance shows performed by the sexy ladies you’ve personally selected, as your preferred tunes flow through your ears, as the warmth of the pulsating jets relax your every muscle, and as the most delicate fingers gently caress your entire body arousing your mind to the highest level of excitement. Enjoy these unforgettable moments in the company of your dearest friends before saying “I do” at the most private erotic SPA in town, hosted by the most beautiful and elegant ladies in a spectacular suite designed to serve all your needs. Take a reservation for a few hours as a group in our Castiglione Suite and have good laughs watching your favorite sporting events comfortably seated in our spacious hot tub with our gorgeous gems. Sip on your beverage while a live half-time erotic show. At any time, each member may retreat to a private massage session with their desired lady for more intimacy.

*Beverages and food can be provided upon request. Room fees, hostess fees and accommodations are based on duration, services, group size and Special Requests.

Discover the pleasure of letting go while feeling your body and mind relieve the pressures of everyday life. Enjoy this delicious and intimate moment and succomb to the fingering and dexterity of our hostesses. They will make you forget all your worries and immerse you in a pure state of ecstasy.The quintessential embodiment of the Secret Massage as well as your first foray into a dazzling dimension of intimate sensory intensity, The Body to Body is devotedly prized by sensual massage enthusiasts the world-over as the definitive reference of all sensual, naturist massages. Evocative of a rare Petrus demanding to be delicately savoured, richly rewarding senses with an exquisite bouquet and luxurious texture, The Body to Body entices all senses with a relentless, luxuriating crescendo of tactile indulgence as delicate touches glide effortlessly across, her candle-lit, shimmering naked body slowly moving toward yours, skilfully and playfully acknowledging every exposed square-inch of your eagerly quivering body, irresistibly drawing you into a novel universe of Pure Bliss for an unforgettable time-stopping experience…

Share a sensual and erotic time with your partner. Give a new meaning to pleasure and let yourself go and be stimulated by the expert hands of our hostesses. Enjoying this moment can only add a new dimension to your relationship as well as enhancing its sensual and erotic nature. A start to a new world of pleasure and sensuality.
Hugely popular with our clients, eager to introduce their partner or lover to the pleasures of a first Secret massage and to delight in the sensual complicity of shared experience, the Massage for Couples is the supreme intimate celebration of freedom, trust and abandon, all in equal measures. An intensely satisfying experience designed to escalate your mutual blissful pleasures in the talented hands of our delightful ladies. The Massage for Couples is your desired guide to an unforgettable sensual voyage of shared discovery.

The most opulent sensory overload, the Double your Pleasure is a mesmerizing sequence of your choice of massage featuring two stunning ladies, massaging, caressing and stroking your entire body in unison. Created for your uninterrupted pleasure, this service is an outrageously provocative four-hand extravagance to dazzle you to the farthest edge of heavenly consciousness. It brilliantly sets a new benchmark for visual inspiration, tactile stimulation and complete stress-relieving satisfaction.

A magnificent trio carefully teamed to visually complement each other, slowly moving to the rhythm of the music, focused jointly on your sole sensual satisfaction, expertly controlling your state of blissful relaxation while deliberately continuing their unashamed performance. An arousing succession of varied body moves designed exclusively by SECRET SPA to be never less than stimulating and continuously energizing, will undoubtedly fulfill your most inner fantasies. This absolutely exceptional concept will delight, surprise and inspire with its uncompromised intensity.

Special requests for your erotic adult massage - Montreal

If you’d like to add some spice to your SECRET experience, we offer an array of “in room” additions to further fulfill your deepest desires… Please don’t be shy and do let us know at the Front Desk if you have any Special Requests. It will be our pleasure to accommodate those needs with complete discretion.

Special resquest are additional tips of minimum 20 to 40 per request at your discretion.

An invitation to soapy waters where sensual caresses will glide through the warm relaxing rainfall while your mind escapes reality…

An exquisite moment of role reversal that is sure to tantalize all your senses. Enjoy your soothing massage and reciprocate the tender moment by giving your Secret lady an unforgettable experience. Let your hands glide on her satin soft skin as you caress her every curve and leave her sighing with delight.

There is a certain charm in delicate garter belts and silk-like stockings that only the finest of tastes can appreciate. Can you imagine gently running your fingers along the curves of the sexiest arch on nylon clad feet, the delicate essence that may tease all your senses as you stair through opaque transparency for a glimpse of the softest skin. At SECRET SPA, your Nylon Fantasies come in all colours and styles, whether you lust for a sheer nude nylon clad secretary, a beautiful nurse in snow white pantyhose, a flirty seductress in fire red fishnets or a femme fatale in an elegant black garter belt.

You want to experience new pleasures and your fantasies to become reality? Join one of our domination night. A charming dominatrix will make you discover highly erotic and sensual pleasures. Let the mistress lead you in this universe where your fantasies become reality.

Submit yourself to one of our hostesses. She will leave you no other choice but to surrended to her every command. Allow yourself to be dominated by an extremely beautiful and sophisticated, yet merciless and powerful lady. Explore your submissive side in a stylish and safe environment. Flirting mischievously with unabashed deliberate confidence, cheekily seasoning a sensual experience with a kinky twist riding the elusive line between sensory paradise and delicious agony, Mistress Tie & Tease is all about unapologetic, selfish sensual indulgence mixed with uninhibited sensory abandon. Cunningly designed to further expand the limits of your adventurous exploration, this one will leave you blushing red… on all cheeks.

When it comes to elegance and class, nothing can compare to the French manicure. The classic look of naturally glossy bare nails complemented by perfectly lined white tips is the epitome of clean sophistication. So lay back and relax as the most beautifully manicured long and slim fingers wander across your tense body, soothing you entirely, and gaze at the flawlessly smooth, lined and lacquered toes teasing you from below.

May your senses be seduced by the music and may your eyes feast at the sight of pure beauty moving provocatively to every rhythm. Sit back and enjoy the exquisite show as your chosen goddess sways sensually to the music as she, gently and teasingly, strips for your naughty eyes only. What better way to start a massage and break the ice, or better yet melt the ice.

Come and see our beauties undressing in front of you in an intimate erotic show. Succumb to a sexy show where all your senses will be awakened. One, two or three hostesses will entertain you by performing a seductive yet suggestive dance.
Most men like to receive, however certain gentlemen attain higher pleasures through giving. Our stunning sensual ladies can perform an erotic show in complete privacy. You may Double your pleasure by requesting two ladies or better yet, add even more spice with a Sexy pyramid of three hostesses to entertain you, your party of friends or your significant other in a couples session…