If you’d like to add some spice to your SECRET experience, we offer an array of “in room” additions to further fulfill your deepest desires… Please don’t be shy and do let us know at the Front Desk if you have any Special Requests. It will be our pleasure to accommodate those needs with complete discretion.

Wet & Wild

An invitation to soapy waters where sensual caresses will glide through the warm relaxing rainfall while your mind escapes reality…

Nude Reverse

An exquisite moment of role reversal that is sure to tantalize all your senses. Enjoy your soothing massage and reciprocate the tender moment by giving your Secret lady an unforgettable experience. Let your hands glide on her satin soft skin as you caress her every curve and leave her sighing with delight.

Naughty Nylon Feet

There is a certain charm in delicate garter belts and silk-like stockings that only the finest of tastes can appreciate. Can you imagine gently running your fingers along the curves of the sexiest arch on nylon clad feet, the delicate essence that may tease all your senses as you stair through opaque transparency for a glimpse of the softest skin. At SECRET SPA, your Nylon Fantasies come in all colours and styles, whether you lust for a sheer nude nylon clad secretary, a beautiful nurse in snow white pantyhose, a flirty seductress in fire red fishnets or a femme fatale in an elegant black garter belt.

Mistress Tie & Tease

You want to experience new pleasures and your fantasies to become reality? Join one of our domination night. A charming dominatrix will make you discover highly erotic and sensual pleasures. Let the mistress lead you in this universe where your fantasies become reality.

Submit yourself to one of our hostesses. She will leave you no other choice but to surrended to her every command. Allow yourself to be dominated by an extremely beautiful and sophisticated, yet merciless and powerful lady. Explore your submissive side in a stylish and safe environment. Flirting mischievously with unabashed deliberate confidence, cheekily seasoning a sensual experience with a kinky twist riding the elusive line between sensory paradise and delicious agony, Mistress Tie & Tease is all about unapologetic, selfish sensual indulgence mixed with uninhibited sensory abandon. Cunningly designed to further expand the limits of your adventurous exploration, this one will leave you blushing red… on all cheeks.

French Fancy Toes

When it comes to elegance and class, nothing can compare to the French manicure. The classic look of naturally glossy bare nails complemented by perfectly lined white tips is the epitome of clean sophistication. So lay back and relax as the most beautifully manicured long and slim fingers wander across your tense body, soothing you entirely, and gaze at the flawlessly smooth, lined and lacquered toes teasing you from below.

Foot Fetish & Worship

An instant revelation, this deeply immersive, pulse-raging sensual exploration has been masterfully composed to be irresistibly shared with sensually-attuned, dream-like creatures promising to reshape your notion of intense pleasures, the ultimate reward for a testing feat of self-control. A soft caress down beautiful legs, a glimpse of a perfect arch, a gentle kiss upon pedicured toes and high strappy heals for you to kneel for…

Exotic Dance

May your senses be seduced by the music and may your eyes feast at the sight of pure beauty moving provocatively to every rhythm. Sit back and enjoy the exquisite show as your chosen goddess sways sensually to the music as she, gently and teasingly, strips for your naughty eyes only. What better way to start a massage and break the ice, or better yet melt the ice.

Erotic Show

Come and see our beauties undressing in front of you in an intimate erotic show. Succumb to a sexy show where all your senses will be awakened. One, two or three hostesses will entertain you by performing a seductive yet suggestive dance.
Most men like to receive, however certain gentlemen attain higher pleasures through giving. Our stunning sensual ladies can perform an erotic show in complete privacy. You may Double your pleasure by requesting two ladies or better yet, add even more spice with a Sexy pyramid of three hostesses to entertain you, your party of friends or your significant other in a couples session…